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Website development

website header

My, this website building business is a bit of a malarkey!

It is finally getting there after about 7 iterations, but we don’t have a launch date just yet…it won’t be long though.

The main pages were quite easy, but when we tried adding the shopping bit it got rather more complicated. A new theme was installed automatically that overwrote several bits that we’d got just right, so we battled with it for a while and decided eventually that no, we needed to use a different one. Sooo, when we installed the new theme that then overwrote several bits so we had to do those again. It’s been awfully good practice though.

We’re trying very hard to design it with you, our lovely customers in mind, so we haven’t always taken the easiest route. We’re trying to make it as accessible as possible and so it’s easy to find the section/product/event that you want. It is going to take a good long while to get al our stock on there. At the moment we’re just trying to work our the best way to organise it.

Yesterday we learnt how to organise an event with online ticket sales. Today we’ve been learning how to get those darned events into the right place on the “What’s on” page! Finally we have (we think) an events calendar and a list of the individual events…

We won’t have got everything right so please do let us know what you do or don’t like about the site as it is very much a work in progress…