Guide to Knitting


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The time to knit is now! If you’ve always wanted to pick up this fun, rewarding hobby but were afraid to try. lose your fear, grab your yarn, and dive into the easiest, most accessible beginner’s guide to knitting out there.

Don’t know when to knit and when to purl? The Chicks are all about support, encouragement, and hands-on instruction as they guide readers through a series of lessons that are the building blocks to mastering the skills needed to complete the more than 30 simple, fashion-forward patterns inside.

There are gorgeous hats, scarves, and sweaters for men and women alike, as well as wraps, handbags, pillows, and more. Easy-to-follow, full-colour illustrations accompany each lesson, while each pattern offers details schematic diagrams, assembly and finishing instructions, and lush photographs of the finished pieces.

Learning to knit has never been easier or more rewarding – just trust Chicks with Sticks!

Please note that the book is very slightly bent, hence the reduced price!


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