Peter Gregory 733 (4ply/DK)


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A lovely pattern for baby shawls and pram covers in 4 ply and DK.

The shawls can be made in either 4 ply or DK.

The pram covers are in DK.

You will also need:

blue 4 ply shawl: 1 x pair long 4mm needles

white 4 ply shawl: 1 x 3.25 mm needles and 1 x pair long 4mm needles

blue DK shawl: 1 x pair long 4.5m needles

white DK shawl:1 x pair 3.75mm needles and 1 pair long 4.5mm needles

two colour pram cover: 1 pair 3.75mm and 4mm needles, backing material (optional)

cables pram cover: 1 pair 4mm needles, cable needle and backing materials (optional)



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